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Locked Content, Unlocked Profits

Simple, Straightforward, No Fuss. Yo creators! Stay chill and monetize. Protect your files and sell everywhere

Filegrant the blue kangaroo with the red nose, wears boxing gloves as a symbol of cyber defense for your files that he keeps safe in his pouch.

From zero to Pro Creator

""CreateShape your vibe: video, audio, pics, docs, codes... we vibe with all the popular formats
""ProtectDrag, encrypt, and boom! Get a unique, untouchable PDF asset that's ready to sell
""SellStraight to your followers, but we spill the beans only after they hit that pay button!

Boost your digital vibe

Monetize your tribe!

Stop sharing content on social media for free! Sell straight to your peeps while doing what you love: creating. With Filegrant, photos, videos, or guides are all secure and ready to sell. Link up with Stripe, ditch the snooze-worthy e-commerce, and cash out as soon as you sell. And the kicker? They pay before they peek!

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Filegrant's blue kangaroo, smiling and holding a sales receipt, with a sack full of dollar-symbol coins at its feet, representing a successful transaction

Filegrant: the digital revolution

Protect & Profit with one click

Safer than a vault, swift as a link, straight-up like a tutorial, and goes everywhere: Filegrant is the game-changer for content creators. Shield your masterpieces from copycats and try-hards

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    Filegrant Toolkit: turn your digital content into an encrypted, one-of-a-kind, digitally signed Filegrant

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    PDF format with access instructions, shareable across any platform

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    Easy Money Moves: sell instantly with content unlock post-payment (in dollars, no crypto fuss)

Grant with social

Cash-In with every click

Turn every digital spot into your e-Shop

Every online space – TikTok, IG, Twitter, Linktree, your corner, shops, blogs, DMs, and even WhatsApp – becomes your monetization stage.

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    Versatile AF: make every digital corner your goldmine.

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    Be Everywhere: TikTok, IG, Twitter, and even WhatsApp

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    Your Crew, Your Cash: Followers? DMs? All potential buyers.

Create, Share, Earn

Directly from your followers

Have you created the tutorial of the century, taken breathtaking photos, made insane videos, or engaging podcasts?

Get your payment now!

Are you a freelancer?

Discover Filegrant! Tired of waiting for payments once the job is delivered? Lock the file and grant access only after receiving payment!

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Filegrant: Easy & Instant


Sell your vibes straight to your fans, ditching the e-commerce site drama


Stay in your lane. Full control over your content, pricing, and how you drop it


Simple & straight-up. Focus on creating fire content instead of dealing with tech headaches


No monthly or yearly subs here. We just snag a piece from what you sell


Shielding your work from shady copies and unauthorized share


Shoot videos or snap pics on the go, then sell them in real time

#Feedback from Filegrant Users

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I sent a project presentation to my client using Filegrant, and they immediately paid me to open it. It's also handy to keep tabs on who's accessing your files. Trust me; no competitor is getting their hands on my proposals.

Valeria, Freelance

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It's mind-blowing! I protected and sold my photos in a hot minute. Being able to show a preview to the client and granting full access only after payment is super useful, you know what I'm sayin'?

Cecile, Photographer

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I tried Filegrant to certify the intellectual property of my projects. Thanks to this service, I can protect and sell my projects securely. No more registered emails or certified emails... I upload the files, certify them, and sell in just a few minutes!

Marco, Product Designer

Quotation marks

Filegrant has been invaluable for my work as a Content Creator! I used to avoid selling my digital products due to the fear of unauthorized usage. Now, I can sell securely, and it’s opened up a whole new revenue stream for me!

Jason Content Creator

The Free App that's fire

With Filegrant on your phone, the world's your stage. Snap, shoot, secure, and sell – all in a flash!

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