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No credit card is needed.

Your content. Your time. Your price.

Protect and monetize your files without going full geek mode. And oh, the good news?

There are no monthly fee hassles; we take a % from each sale.

Because we want you to go full throttle, not stress over costs.



No subscriptions. We just take a fee from each Filegrant sale


  • ""45 Filegrants - protected files to sell
  • ""Maximum file size of 250MB each
  • ""1 Legally binding signature
  • ""Send files to unlimited recipients


  • ""Filegrant commission of 3% on each sale
  • ""Stripe fees

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Connect Stripe, the leader of payment gateways, to your Filegrant account: your peeps pay with their credit cards, and you get the cash straight to your bank.

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With Filegrant on your phone, the world's your stage. Snap, shoot, secure, and sell – all in a flash!

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