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Sell Your Digital Goods, Easy-Peasy

Dream it, design it, drop it into the world. Flip your flair into profit. With Filegrant, it's all a breeze!

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The Future of Digital Downloads

Sell every pixel you craft

Beyond the basics like pics, jams, and clips, you can hustle apps, templates, plugins, fonts, presets, prompts... and the list keeps vibing. Your content, your price tag, your time

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Secure & Profit

Every share is an opportunity, not a setback

Protect your digital masterpieces from theft and misuse with your own locked, legit, and timestamped Filegrant. Release it anywhere without worries: only buyers get the inside look. And if someone spreads your Filegrant around? Sweet! Every share could snag you a new follower and more earnings

Filegrant Perks
Sentiment satisfiedFree Account

No subscriptions required. Ditch the credit card

Settings iconNo Setup

Skip the passwords, setups, and configurations

Sell on website iconSell on Your Site

Upload your Filegrants to your site or blog.Payment system's built-in

Sell on social iconSell on Social

Share your Filegrants on social media and cash in with one click

How to sell your first Filegrant

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  • Password icon

    Sign up – no password or credit card needed. Activate with the OTP from your email

  • Store icon

    Go to "My Store" on your dashboard

  • Bank icon

    Hook up Stripe and get paid straight to your bank

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  • Details icon

    Title your package and break down what's inside

  • Paid icon

    Nail down the price, cap on copies, sale length, and how folks pay

  • Downloading icon

    Let buyers either download it directly or peep it on our online Viewer

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  • Sign icon

    Add your legal signature for extra protection and IP certification

  • ""

    Make a PDF preview for buyers to check out before they buy

  • Shop icon

    Go ahead and sell: email it, WhatsApp it, slap it on your site or blog, or drop it on socials or Linktree

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  • Store icon

    Head to "My Store" on the dashboard for a real-time view of sales, revenue, and views

  • Stats icon

    Way who's bought your files and catch their emails for your customer base

  • Personalize icon

    Customize the purchase page background with pics or your logo

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Privacy curtains

Fast track: from your device to theirs

  • Web icon

    Online Access. Users access their stuff through our Viewer from any browser - no original file downloads.

  • Downloading icon

    Offline Mode. Turn on the "download" option, and they can snag the initial right to their devices

  • Paid icon

    Cash Flow. Transfers and payments? Swift and solid.

""TangibilityNon-fungible and decentralized digital assets with an incremental value.
""MonetizationEach permission to use the files can be associated with a payment.
""CertificationVerified ownership of assets by the Content Creator, same as for NFTs.

Ready to start cashing in?

Game-Changer for Content Creators

Give value to your music!

Use Filegrant to safely sell your tracks or jingles!

Marketing man
Top choice for Consultants

Monetize your consultancy instantly!

Turn plans and research into unique and protected Filegrant digital assets.

Photographer influencer
Strategic Ally for Influencers

Not just likes, earn from your shots!

Protect your creativity and release unique content only for your real supporters.

Creator's Best Friend

Quotation marks

It's mind-blowing! I protected and sold my photos in a hot minute. Being able to show a preview to the client and granting full access only after payment is super useful, you know what I'm sayin'?

Cecile, Photographer

Quotation marks

I tried Filegrant to certify the intellectual property of my projects. Thanks to this service, I can protect and sell my projects securely. No more registered emails or certified emails... I upload the files, certify them, and sell in just a few minutes!

Marco, Product Designer

Quotation marks

I sent a project presentation to my client using Filegrant, and they immediately paid me to open it. It's also handy to keep tabs on who's accessing your files. Trust me; no competitor is getting their hands on my proposals.

Valeria, Freelance

Quotation marks

Filegrant has been invaluable for my work as a Content Creator! I used to avoid selling my digital products due to the fear of unauthorized usage. Now, I can sell securely, and it’s opened up a whole new revenue stream for me!

Jason Content Creator

Quotation marks

I cater to a niche audience that often requires detailed and in-depth content. Thanks to Filegrant, I can finally provide these contents in a structured and rewarding way, adding value to my work.

Emily *Content Creator

The Free App that's fire

With Filegrant on your phone, the world's your stage. Snap, shoot, secure, and sell – all in a flash!

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