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Under the hood of Filegrant

Wondering why encryption is key to selling digital downloads? You're at the right spot

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Robust Cryptographic technology

High security standards and strict policies for uncompromising protection

Filegrant incorporates the highest levels of protection achieved in Cyber Security to date. The techniques used to encrypt data are the same as those applied by Banks, Public Administrations, and Classified Military Environments.

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Filegrant: Protected file

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    The encryption of each file by Filegrant generates random and unique propertiesusing a sophisticated algorithm that combines CPU clock measurements with a robust double SHA-256 hashing system. Each file is unique and non-replicable, immune to any attempt of modification.

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    It is possible to apply a legally recognized digital signature that certifies the exact date of file creation, adding an additional layer of authenticity.

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    Filegrant ensures the integrity and authenticity of the file, protecting the owner's rights and establishing a new standard for the security and management of digital files.

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Universally Accessible PDFs


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    Traditional encryption processes can be challenging for recipients of encrypted files, as they may not know the required steps to decrypt them.

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    Our innovative patented encryption system converts the encrypted file into a PDF format, which anyone can open.

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    The PDF file also provides detailed instructions on decrypting the original file, making the entire process more accessible and intuitive.

Privacy curtains



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    This advanced technology lets users view files directly from their browser, safeguarding the original content from potential theft attempts.

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    Our viewer is fully compatible with all popular browsers and also supports responsive viewing on mobile devices, ensuring you have access to your files anytime, anywhere.

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    We provide complete protection for various file types, including text, audio, video, images, and PDF documents.

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Online Encryption

Advanced Cryptography

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    With Filegrant, encryption operations are performed online. Users can encrypt files directly from their web browser or mobile app, without installing additional software or configuring other programs.

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    The central server handles the symmetric encryption of the file, ensuring a high level of security during data transmission between the client and server.

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    Filegrant uses different keys, randomly generated for each individual file, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access it.

Kangaroo security

Certified Infrastructure.

Advanced Encryption

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    Filegrant is built on Azure infrastructure, which adheres to international standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1, and SOC 2, ensuring robust security measures.

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    Filegrant's databases are encrypted using 4096-bit master keys that are safeguarded by physical devices called Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), while the AES-256 encryption algorithm is used for file encryption.

Regular checks and advanced tests

We conduct regular controls, perform advanced penetration tests, and conduct daily testing to counter emerging cyber threats.

The Free App that's fire

With Filegrant on your phone, the world's your stage. Snap, shoot, secure, and sell – all in a flash!

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